Friday, July 18, 2008

California Balloon Law

mylar balloons
Yippee! As unbelievable as it is, the California legislature has acted in a logical and sane manner and gutted the proposed draconian Mylar Balloon Law. Read about the changes here.

The proposal's sponsor, Sen. Jack Scott (D-Altadena) has changed his proposed outright ban on Mylar balloons in favor of tougher enforcement of the existing law and increased penalties for violating that law. If the bill passes, which it probably will, a florist (like Visser's Florist--world's best florist) would be fined $250 for selling a mylar balloon without a weight to keep it from causing a power outage.

Let me say this. At Visser's, we are concerned about the impact of what we sell on the environment. That's why we include a free balloon weight with every Mylar sold. We congratulate the California state legislature for making the changes that will protect the environment without penalizing the small businesses in California.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


vissers sunflowers
Summer is here and it's Sunflower time. These beauties can really brighten up someone's day. Come on in to Visser's Florist and pick some up today. You won't be sorry.

And by the way, the vase arrangement pictured above just happens to be our secret email special of the week. By calling our store at (714) 772-9900 you have get this happy bouquet for only $22.95 (Good only today and tomorrow). If you like, we can deliver it for our normal delivery charge, but unfortunately we cannot send this order out of our normal Orange County delivery area. Our partner florists just cannot match our unbelievable price for this one. Don't delay, because when they're gone--they're gone.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Independence Day Flowers

It occurs to me that despite all of the fun on the 4th of July with the BBQs, parades and fireworks, the real meaning tends to get lost (like a lot of other holidays). We really need to honor and celebrate the true concept of independence day.

Let's face it. The freedoms that we often take for granted didn't just happen by accident. The reason that we are able to live in an independent and free nation is because of the sacrifice of so many people in the military over the years.

Here's my idea. Friday morning, before the day's festivities begin, take a few flowers, go to a local cemetary and find the grave of a soldier. It doesn't matter if you don't know him or her, just find one that doesn't have any flowers on it and leave yours. Maybe say a quiet word of thanks.

Now, before you say this is a commercial for our flower shop, let me say that Visser's Florist, and most other flower shops will be closed the 4th. That's not the point. Go out in the back yard, pick a few flowers from your garden, tie them together with some ribbon and use those. It's the thought that counts. And, I absolutely guarantee that if you do this you will feel better on this 4th of July than you have in a long time.

Happy Holiday.