Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Tulips – the springtime wonders

Tulips are sometimes called the kittens of the flower world, mainly because they are cute and playful. Take them home and put them on a shelf and in a day or so they will all bend towards the light. Turn the vase around and they will point the other way out.

Here’s another interesting fact. Tulips drink lots of water. So, if you have tulips and they look a little droopy, they are probably just thirsty. Cut of the stems about one inch from the bottom, put them in fresh water and voila! they will come back to life.

Finally, here’s the best fact. Visser’s Florist and Greenhouses is having a 3 day super sale on tulips. For the amazing price of $30 you can have 14 tulips in a vase, delivered to your door. That’s right, $30.00 tax and delivery included. This deal ends Thursday so don’t delay. This super sale is only good for our Orange County customers since other florists have a tough time matching our prices. Call us today at (714) 772-9900.