Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wedding Centerpiece

wedding centerpiece
Another winner from Visser's Florist & Greenhouses in Anaheim. This wedding centerpiece is a sample for an upcoming wedding. This stunning arrangement is created from Vendella and Pink roses and white hydrangea, with orchids submerged in the vase.

Needless to say, the bride-to-be was completely overwhelmed by it. The wedding will feature several of these centerpieces, as well as other complementing flowers and arrangements throughout the room. This will surely be a wedding day to remember.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Anaheim Plant Rental

Just got done delivering a big truckload of rental plants to the Anaheim Convention Center. I know I've said it before, but plants make such a wonderful difference in the look of a space. It's like they bring it to life, without detracting from the main focus of the area.

This convention is going to be held every year in Anaheim, and they decided to use Visser's Florist and Greenhouses for their plant rental. The benefits to them are clear: Beautiful plants at a reasonable price; no hassle delivery and pick-up when the convention is over; AND Visser's shows up during the convention to water the plants and keep them looking great.

So, whether you are a big event company, renting a small booth at a convention, or having any size meeting in the Anaheim or Orange County area, please call us at 714 772-9900. You won't be sorry.